Start Right Child Care Centre was incorporated in July of 1985.  It is run by a volunteer board of directors as a non-profit corporation and is located in an adult secondary school.  Top priority is given by Start Right to the children of student in the school.  The centre serves families of highly diverse, multicultural backgrounds.

Start Right’s staff is comprised of one full-time Director who has her BAA in ECE and is a member of College of Early Childhood Education and one full-time Assistant Director (ECE) and ten well trained teachers –eight are RECE two are trained assistants with one working towards her ECE Diploma.  The teachers As a group are highly representative of the clientele served, in terms of their cultural background and therefore attuned to the problems that our children and their families face.

Currently, Start Right serves 10 infants, 15 toddlers and 24 preschoolers, 10 kindergartens with stimulating programs which are sensitive to our English as a second language children.  Our staff has undergone extensive professional development training in order to implement these specialized programs and learn to identify the developmental challenges faced by our children bot6h socially and academically.

The Centre opens at 7:00 a.m. and the centre closes at 6 p.m. the centre is opened through out the year except on statuary holidays.  The Centre serves breakfast, a hot lunch in the afternoon, snack in the afternoon at 3 p.m. and another snack in the evening before the children are picked up.  We cater to special dietary.  The children also go on trips such as Pucks farm, African Lion, Safari, water parks etc.

Our Mission Statement

Start Right Child Care Centre was the first centre in North York to offer infant care in a secondary school.  The parents, at that time, were teenagers and part of their school day was spent in the centre with their children learning parenting skills from the staff of the centre.  The staff were role models, teachers, friends and confidantes for many of these young parents.

As the school changed to an adult facility our families changed .  Many of our families are immigrants refuges and people who are now working toward upgrading and retraining in order to acquire new jobs skills.  At this time were are also enjoying an increase in our community representation as more mothers and fathers who work or live in the surrounding community entrust their children to our care.

The Centre has expanded twice in the last few years.  Once in the toddler room and once in the preschool room.  A new toddler playground and a new preschool playground have been installed much to the enjoyment of the children.  Funding for the playgrounds was provided by the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services.  The Province has since downloaded social services to the City of Toronto and we now receive our funding from the City.  Our hope, in the future, is to expand again and implement a special needs component to the Centre.  This requires the acquisition of another classroom which is not available at this time.

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Start Right Child Care Centre
Quality Childcare for Healthy Growth and Development

About Us



We believe that quality child care facilitates the healthy growth and development of the ″total child″.  Quality child care invites each child to explore his∕her environment in safe conditions that challenge the curiosity and heighten the child’s sense of his∕her own self.

We believe that each child is unique and thus has the right to receive experiences that will ensure that his ∕her full potential is challenged and developed.

We believe that through play the child is best able to explore, learn and grow. Staff will provide a child care program that allows for each child to play in situations that will assist in their physical, emotional, cognitive and communicational growth.

We believe that the child care program must be balanced for each child and that each child must receive both challenging and stimulating experiences and must feel safe and secure.  We believe that to achieve the maximum benefit from an experience, the child must feel he∕she is loved and cared for.

We believe that the child care experience must also blend and balance with the child’s family.  Therefore, we encourage family input through open and ongoing communications with families, to enhance each child’s care experience.

All registration forms must be completed before your child can attend the child Care Centre.

We believe that the Child care staff can offer support and encouragement to families.

We believe that quality child care requires well-trained staff who bring to their work a commitment to the child and his∕her family.

We believe that child care teachers are advocates for quality child care for the young child.

The centre is staffed with qualified teachers trained in Early Childhood Education.  Each staff member has a special knowledge of, and adequate experience in, the methods of child guidance suited to the ages of the children in our centre.

Start Right Child Care Centre adheres to the Human Rights Code of  Ontario.  We are committed to serving the public in providing child care without bias or judgement.  Board, staff, families and visitors all have the right to equal treatment with regard to work environment and services.  It is our mandate to treat every individual with dignity and respect regardless of the person’s race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, record of offences, marital status or handicap.

The qualified and professional staff of Start right Child Care Centre will offer your child the opportunity:

To feel and be secure, safe and happy in an atmosphere especially created to help a child develop to his ∕her full potential.
To play and learn with other children who are at the same developmental age.
To participate in a balanced program covering the areas of intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth.
To experience activities which are at times structured to provide for guidance and are at times unstructured to allow for full individual expression.
To develop a positive self image through appropriate and challenging experiences specifically geared toward success.
To learn self discipline and good work habits for future years
To develop independence through encouragement and opportunity to learn appropriate maturity level skills.