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Infants | 0 – 18 Months
There are three teachers in the infant room.  They are all RECE and the average number of years of service ranges from 10-to over 20 years.  Infants can start from as young as two weeks old.  The objective for the infant curriculum are

Babies are born curious, with a need for information.  They begin to use their senses to get all the information they can.  When given the opportunity to practice, a baby learns how to make his/her senses work together to increase his/her awareness and ability to act in logical ways.

Our curriculum is geared to help a baby make choices that are safe fun and stimulating.

        SENSORY/CREATIVE: It’s through a baby’s sense, sight, hearing, touch taste and smell, that he/she obtains knowledge about the world around us.

        FINE MOTOR: A baby learns about the things around him/her by teaching, grasping holding and letting go.  These skills, along with eye-hand coordination encourages a baby to explore and understand his/her surroundings.

        GROSS MOTOR:  Motor skills build baby’s confidence and provides the needed motivation to explore.  These activities will help the baby to gain strength and mobility so that he/she can actively participate in the learning opportunities that surrounds him/her.

        INTERECTUAL:   As baby grows and makes repeated associations between cause and effect, his/her behaviour will now have a purpose.  These activities will help baby learn to plan his/her actions and predict their results.

        LANGUAGE:   Baby matches the sounds he/she hears to the things that make these sounds.  They then begin to understand that those sounds mean something.  These activities help babies enjoy and learn from all the things they see and hear.Infants | 0 – 18 Months

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