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       Toddler Program

    It is a time when the child(ren) are discovering themselves and have a sense of who they are.  It also a time when they challenge adults and in their own unique and individual ways.  Each child is unique and as adults we also learn a lot from them.  Each day is a learning process with fun filled activities.  Knowledge is acquired through play and it is very essential to their over well being.

   Some of the areas of development are fine motor, gross motor, emotional, social, language, creativity, sensory, dramatic, science and cognitive skills.

Cognitive skills: to improve problem solving skills by learning a variety of things, such as facial expressing, exploring of their environment thinking on their own which translates to knowledge and it is also a time when they begin sorting materials by colours, shapes, size, number concept, using different activities to enhance their cognitive skills.

Language:this is time when some of the toddlers are learning more than one language and express themselves through those languages and they are encouraged to express themselves (wants/needs) .  They also learn through singing, nursery rhymes, reading and also during circle time.

Social/Emotional:this is where attention is focused on turn taking, sharing, playing co-operatively at the dramatic centre/block area etc with peers, learning empathy, sharing being pleasant/polite to each other.  Big focus on learning about social norms such as please/thank you etc.  It is a time for children to be in touch with their feeling/emotions from joy to frustrations and learn such things as co-operations, patience and emotions in a calm manner supported by the teacher

Fine motor

Hand and finger movement in a variety of ways to enhance their movement.  There are a variety of activities to develop this skill. E.g. pincer grasp, painting, manipulating clay/playdough etc

Gross Motor

To provide children with the opportunity to enhance the gross motor skills and balance their walking, running, jumping walking batting objects, kicking and as they engage in these activities it also enhances their hand/eye co-ordination


To provide the children with opportunities to explore creative activities through various artistic expressions

 Dramatic play

To promote opportunity to imitate imaginary play, self concept, conversation, family chores and events, social skills etc.


To improve the sense of touch and smell.  Stimulate creativity, expression and exercise hand and fingers.


To provide materials for children to discover causes and effects, and to explore the environment around them.  e.g. plant a seed, take care of the seed and watch it grow.

There are three toddler teachers.  Two RECES and one ECA


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